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5 Things About Electricity That Can Kill You

1. Electricity does not follow the path of least resistance…it follows all paths…this means ALL LINES ARE HOT! 2. Whenever a responder is electrocuted or shocked it’s all about potential. Potential is the difference between two energized if it exists then electricity flows from High voltage to the lower voltage. There are two potentials; Step […]

Fear Drives the System

A few years ago I was asked to deliver the keynote speech for the opening ceremony at the Hot Zone in Houston only 12 hours before it was scheduled. Why the short notice? The State Emergency Management Director had an emergency meeting with the governor to discuss a cruise ship which was coming into Galveston […]


I recently experienced a bittersweet but very emotional experience in my fire service career when Chief. Chief Ralph Habersang passed away and was a member of the Wallingford Fire Department (my department) from 1949 to 1976. He was Chief of Department from 1971 to 1976. He was a great leader, and I had the honor […]